Monday, October 10, 2011

Ordering Ahead for the Holidays: Food Gift Ideas

Planning on buying food baked goods for the holidays online? How about buying baked goods such as baskets, trays, cookies, brownies, favors, and rolls? Do you plan on ordering these type of items as gifts, preferably with custom messages?

Why wait? At Linda's Kitchen's website, you can order all your shippable baked goods online months in advance! It's easy to use and customize for the date, person, and even custom message you need.

First, select the item you want to send or receive personally.

Receive Personally:
If the items are for you, simply add all the goods to the cart. You can customize when each is sent by adding a USPS Shipping Date. Although Linda's Kitchen does not control the time the item arrives, your goods will be prepared and shipped in best efforts to arrive on the day specified.

Send items to others:
If you want to send items to others during the holidays, Linda's Kitchen is easy to use. Although each recipient must be processed separately, you can fill your orders quickly by simply specifying the products sent to a single recipient at a time, adding a 'custom message' and a 'send date' and finishing the order.

Items That Can Be Ordered Ahead Online:

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Shippable Brownies: Turtle Brownie

Looking for a unique brownie filled with walnuts, layered caramel, and chocolate ships? Check out Linda's Kitchen shippable Turtle Brownies. These boxes are packed with 6 individually wrapped brownies that are shipped straight from the bakery!

  • Favors
  • Gifts
  • Special Event Planning
  • Stocking Stuffers
  • Brownie Cravings

To find out more about other brownies offered by Linda's Kitchen, visit their Brownies Page.

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Shipping Coffee Cake?

Coffee cake is a delicious way to start a day, or end it. Linda's Kitchen has a long history of satisfied coffee-cake lovers, offering a limited selection of Blueberry Buckle, Cherry, and German coffee cakes that are sure to vanish quickly.

Uses of Linda's Kitchen Coffee Cakes:
  • Morning Servings, Breakfast
  • Monthly Events and Gatherings
  • Business Meetings, (great with coffee or hot beverage!)
  • Holiday Food/ Tray Supplement
  • Shippable Gift to Coffee Cake Lovers
As noted, you do not have to be a local to enjoy Linda's Kitchen coffee cakes. They can be baked, packed, and shipped with just as much care as our custom logo cut out cookies or trays.

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Shipping Food Gift Baskets

As the holidays approach, it is that time to deal with the hassles of gift baskets. It can be a real burden finding quality baskets, especially food gift baskets. Luckily, Linda's Kitchen has quality food gift baskets that you can order online now, and have them shipped during the holidays without as little effort as you could imagine.

Uses for Linda's Kitchen Gift Baskets:
  • Client Gifts
  • Corporate Gifts
  • Away-From-Home loved ones (college students, traveling family and friends, newly moved family and friends)
  • Thank-You Gifts
  • Even At-Home Gifts! (for those of you who can't find a local bakery, Linda's Kitchen ships across the US and has excellent feedback!)

How to gift with ‘custom message’: To order food gift baskets with custom messages, you can designate the time, location, and even a custom message! Add all to your cart online for ordering, or call the bakery itself. Your gift is sure to be a well welcomed surprise.

Can't find a basket you want? No Problem. Email or Call Linda's Kitchen at or (330) 630-8117.

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Ordering Food Favors

Ordering food favors can be a hassle. Luckily, at Linda's Kitchen, you cannot only order party, special event, and wedding favors by using their online pictures, but you can customize your own. Some of the favors are even shippable!, for those who need great food favors but don't live near the bakery.

Other Uses of Favors:
  • Member Events
  • Fundraisers
  • Annual Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Business Parties
  • Themed Parties
  • Product Release
Each of the Favors is individually wrapped, and ready to be placed, handed out, or put into a gift bag. Linda's Kitchen takes the time to package the items correctly so they make it to their destination in-tact and presentable. Linda's kitchen has shipped from California, to Texas, to Florida, to Maine and has many satisfied customers in each. Orders have ranged from single dozens to thousands, and are all serviced with care and a respect.

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Gift a Cookie of the Month Club

For those foodies out there, or those that enjoy different seasonal cookies all year round, at Linda’s Kitchen you can buy a “Cookie of the Month Club”. This program is perfect for gifting, or for those who like to have seasonal cookies or something different all year round.

There are four options for this cookie club, two sizes (6 month, 12 month) split into two categories (iced cut out sugar cookie, traditional cookie).

Iced Cut Out Sugar Cookies: Decorative iced cookies are great to present al year round. With themed cookies, you won’t have to plan ahead to decorate a food tray, or have cookies ready for loved ones. With this cookie club program, every month cookies are automatically ship to you directly from the bakery. Have a monthly club? Are there people in your life you only see once a month? Just like a little bit of something different and sweet each month? This option is a good find for those reasons and more.

Traditional Cookies: For those that prefer a different taste each month rather than a different theme, the traditional cookie club is a better option.

How to gift with ‘custom message’: To order this cookie club as a gift, you can designate the time, location, and even a custom message! Add all to your cart online for ordering, or call the bakery itself. Your gift is sure to be a well welcomed surprise that keeps on giving the whole year around! College students or newly moved family and friends would most welcome a year-round gift.

Check out the link and pick a category (sorted y pictures) to find more information.

As an added bonus, there is even a chance that one or more of your cookie packages will come with shippers-only offer.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Apple Dumplings

Apple dumplings are back! Pick one up to battle the cold, cold, cold day in Ohio. Each apple dumpling comes with a side of cinnamon butter, and in a plastic container. Want a warm one? Call ahead and tells us you]d like to pick up a "warm apple dumpling, could you have one ready?". Don't forget to pick up your other pastry and baked good needs!

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