Monday, June 29, 2009

Cut Out Cookies

Our iced cut out cookies continue to be a hit where ever they're served. We sold a record number of graduation hat cut outs this year and are enjoying the new designs we've added for the summer.

For this week of July 4th we have our patriotic assortment of flag, heart and shooting star and are still selling our new daisy/strawberry design. You will soon see a variety of tropical cookies including a palm tree, pineapple, and tropical fish appearing on our counters and in August you'll be seeing our popular sunflowers and watermelons. We, also, have the ice cream cone cut outs for the summer.

Keep in mind that we try to keep heart cut outs in stock at all times not only for bridal showers and weddings, but also for sympathy cookie trays.

We continue to sell baby shaped cut outs such as baby buggies, feet, ducks, bottles and rattles for our gift baskets and baby shower cookie trays as well as for favors.

We are frequently called about custom shaped cut outs. Yes, we do them. We have over 200 different shapes in stock but our customers have even special ordered shapes and brought them in for us to make. Keep in mind that anything custom has a surcharge but we'll be happy to help you with your special event.

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wedding Cake Pictures

At Linda's Kitchen we are constantly trying make our website more helpful to all of our brides. That is why we not only put as much wedding cake information as possible on our website, but also update all of our albums with our most recent pictures of wedding cakes. Be sure to check out our albums of cakes we have done in the past, and if you have had your cake done by us, look for it to be posted in our albums of wedding cake pictures soon!

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Graduation and Wedding Cake Season

Graduation and wedding cake season has been in full force and we have added several new pictures of cakes and cookies to our web site. We are pleased this year that our customers have been coming from as far as an hour away to special order custom cakes and cookies.

We made a custom 3 tier graduation cake using Ellet's school colors of orange, blue, and white, with fondant attachements including stars on wires shooting out of the cake. You'll find it along with many school logos and unique designs and set ups of graduation cakes on our web site.

We just finished our second castle cake in the past 6 weeks. While the first castle had sanding sugar to give it a beach theme, this second one had a little more playful flair to match the couples theme. I and my team of decorators and bakers have been enjoying the challenge of so many new requests and we have been brainstorming coming up with so many new unique ways to achieve our goals.

By the way, we still have some openings left in our Level I cake decorating class if anyone is still interested!

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