Monday, October 10, 2011

Ordering Ahead for the Holidays: Food Gift Ideas

Planning on buying food baked goods for the holidays online? How about buying baked goods such as baskets, trays, cookies, brownies, favors, and rolls? Do you plan on ordering these type of items as gifts, preferably with custom messages?

Why wait? At Linda's Kitchen's website, you can order all your shippable baked goods online months in advance! It's easy to use and customize for the date, person, and even custom message you need.

First, select the item you want to send or receive personally.

Receive Personally:
If the items are for you, simply add all the goods to the cart. You can customize when each is sent by adding a USPS Shipping Date. Although Linda's Kitchen does not control the time the item arrives, your goods will be prepared and shipped in best efforts to arrive on the day specified.

Send items to others:
If you want to send items to others during the holidays, Linda's Kitchen is easy to use. Although each recipient must be processed separately, you can fill your orders quickly by simply specifying the products sent to a single recipient at a time, adding a 'custom message' and a 'send date' and finishing the order.

Items That Can Be Ordered Ahead Online:

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