Saturday, October 8, 2011

Shipping Food Gift Baskets

As the holidays approach, it is that time to deal with the hassles of gift baskets. It can be a real burden finding quality baskets, especially food gift baskets. Luckily, Linda's Kitchen has quality food gift baskets that you can order online now, and have them shipped during the holidays without as little effort as you could imagine.

Uses for Linda's Kitchen Gift Baskets:
  • Client Gifts
  • Corporate Gifts
  • Away-From-Home loved ones (college students, traveling family and friends, newly moved family and friends)
  • Thank-You Gifts
  • Even At-Home Gifts! (for those of you who can't find a local bakery, Linda's Kitchen ships across the US and has excellent feedback!)

How to gift with ‘custom message’: To order food gift baskets with custom messages, you can designate the time, location, and even a custom message! Add all to your cart online for ordering, or call the bakery itself. Your gift is sure to be a well welcomed surprise.

Can't find a basket you want? No Problem. Email or Call Linda's Kitchen at or (330) 630-8117.

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