Saturday, December 31, 2011

Valentine Iced Cut Out Sugar Cookie

Valentine Heart Cookies.  Different, delicious, and deliverable.  Better yet, order them now and have them shipped a couple days before.  With Linda's Kitchen Iced Cut Out cookies that are sealed, you can freeze the cookies and have them ready for your event.  Never be caught without a special surprise.  Many of our customers place orders a month or two in advance and have their baked goods shipped a couple days before they need them.  

With Linda's Kitchen iced cut outs, you know you're getting top-brand hand made quality.  Look for the gold sticker, the fresh smell, and the great taste.  Not to mention the hand-crafted presentation styles we ensure through a rigorous quality control process.  

Check out our cut out cookies page for a list of 9 different heart shapes, gingerbread valentine's special cookies, and much more.  We even have chocolate baskets, chocolates and even dipped strawberries (strawberries for local customers only).

Whether you need the items shipped across the US, delivered in large quantity through local delivery, or you just want to pick some up, Linda's Kitchen stays on top of the latest technologies to make the ordering quick, convenient, and as easier than classic bakeries.  We may not be as large as a company like the big market places you see online, but we have the highest possible standards for all our products and services.  

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