Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

People always ask me, "Are you busy?" I'm never quite sure what they mean. Are they asking in a polite way how my sales are or are they asking me how I'm doing personally. As for sales, they are always slower at this time of year, but this is when we experiment with new items, make our display cakes and set our goals for the remainder of the year. Whether it's a good economy or bad, I'm an expert at worrying about what the year will hold. Our bakery did terrific last year although I saw some signs of the weakening economy during the fall months. We once again sold record breaking numbers of iced cut outs at Christmas to keep our overall sales strong. Focusing on our web site and changing our packaging to allow for more shipping was a good decision. We had many customers from all four corners of the U.S. order online and they loved our product. We are now focusing on offering more shippable products and getting the word out.

Personally, one would think that at a slower time of year I would have more time on my hands but it seems the opposite. Between learning how to do new things such as blogging and downloading pictures, and doing inventory, taxes and the all wonderful FAFSA forms for my two sons in college, my life is a whirlwind. Life is never boring.

In the past two weeks my decorator and I spent two mornings at Kent Roosevelt High School teaching almost 50 students some very basic cake decorating techniques. Having been a teacher several years ago I am a firm believer in businesses being involved with schools and I love working with young people. These particular students were great. We hope to have some pictures of our day with them shortly.

I also was a judge at the regional pastry arts culinary competition for the Akron schools. The students have to demonstrate how to bake their cake, make their icing and decorate their cake in one hour. It's a tough challenge and the kids take this seriously since this is what they want to do after high school.

I did not judge her but our high school employee, Amanda, was in the competition and did well enough to go on to state competition. She competes again on March 26 and while we won't be there to cheer her on, we're rooting for her.

Happy St. Paddy's Day! We sold out of our shamrock cut outs and made more just for Tuesday. We will also have our St. Paddy's mint cupcakes we introduced for the first time this year and which have been a hit. We will probably carry these to the end of the week. We will definitely have these back again next year.

Easter is coming and we are now producing our Easter cut out cookies as well as the spring butterflies and tulips. Nut rolls, cookie trays and pies are always on request too. Just give us a call to place your order.

Our Easter cookies will be on sale at Akron General Hospital on Friday, April 10 in their Petite Bazaar gift shop. In support of the charitable works that are funded through the gift shop, we give a donation for every box that's sold. Last year these sold out within one hour of the store opening.

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